In an emergency please dial 999 first to activate an ambulance response!

Always call 999 first in the case of an accident or medical emergency when a person is seriously ill or injured and their life is at risk. In a situation where you think someone may be having a heart attack or stroke, call 999 immediately.

If you feel that a GP is required for emergency care please call the surgery on +353 21 4772717 or outside surgery hours contact the SouthDoc out-of-hours GP service on 1850 335 999

Cryosurgery Clinic

Cryosurgery (also called cryotherapy) is the use of extreme cold produced by liquid nitrogen to treat a variety of skin conditions, including plantar warts, verrucae, warts and various benign skin lesions such as actinic keratosis.

The doctor may recommend a course of cryosurgery to treat skin conditions and an appointment can be made to attend the Cryosurgery Clinic at the surgery.  In some instances however, it may be necessary for the doctor to take a biopsy (see further information “minor surgery”) or a referral to a Consultant Dermatologist may be appropriate and this will be discussed during your initial consultation with the doctor.

The cryosurgery procedure is fully covered by the Medical Card scheme and may also be covered by private medical insurance policies such as VHI, AVIVA or LAYA (please enquire at reception to determine the level of cover provided by individual insurance policies).

The procedure itself takes only a few minutes, with short bursts of liquid nitrogen being applied to the area being treated.  The doctor will advise of any potential side-effects, aftercare of the skin area and whether follow-up treatment is indicated.